2023 Blogs

Lake to Lake Cycling Route Ontario

Biking Communities to join in the GTA

Most Recommended Road Biking Trails in Markham

Most Recommended Road Biking Trails in Richmond Hill

Three Intermediate Biking Trails in Toronto to Try This Summer!

Embracing Biking at Your Prime Midlife!

June Cycling Superstar - Michael Zheng

Three Summer Day Trips in Ontario Using Public Transportation

How to Get Your Child Active in Biking This Summer

Everything You Need to Know About Bike Helmets

Unionville Festival Transportation Options

Tips on Staying Safe While Carpooling

Tips on Staying Safe in Public Transit

How to Stay Motivated With Biking

Enhance your Walk to Work

Enhance your Bike Ride to Work

Enhance your Public Transport Experience

Enhance your Carpool Ride to Work

How to Bring New Excitement to Working from Home

Types of Bikes

Navigate your Walk to Work

Navigate Your Bike Ride to Work

Navigate your Public Transit Ride

Snacks to Fuel your Bike Ride

Navigate your Carpool Ride

Best Food and Exercise for your Age Group

What Makes a Great Shoe

The History of the Subway

The Best Way to Commute: 5 km or Less

The Best Way to Commute: 5 km - 20 km

The Best Way to Commute: 20+ km

The Best Way to Commute: To the City

The Real Cost of Commuting

Prepare to Walk to Work

Prepare to Bike to Work

Prepare to Carpool

Prepare to use Public Transport

2022 Blogs

Popular Cycling Trails in Richmond Hill

Popular Cycling Trails in Markham

Spring Into Cycling Photo Contest 2022

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Features of the New App

7 Strategies to Ease Transition Back to the Office

The Transit Pilot: Commute the Smart Way

Five Valuable Tips to Effectively Work From Home

Four Clever Spaces in your Home to Transform into an Office

Three Compelling Reasons to Commute Sustainably

Cycling Superstar Series

Smart Commute Markham, Richmond Hill’s Sustainable Superstar and Cycling Superstar series features tips and insights from employees of our Smart Commute workplaces who commute to work by carpooling, public transit, walking or cycling.

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