How To Use Your Commute Time To Improve Your Mental Well-Being

By Ann Gordon

April 2022

Are you returning to the office soon? Working from home can definitely be amazing, but the time used commuting is actually time that can be well spent. Many people think that commuting time can be put to better use but when done right, your commute time can have great lasting benefits for your mental well being.

Before exploring methods for mindful commutes, it is important to mention that not all commute options are equal. Commute options that require your full attention such as driving can increase your stress levels. By using commute options such as public transit, walking or biking, you have the ability to be more mindful and intentional with your time.

Here are three ways on how to use your commute time effectively.

Interact with the world

We spend a very large portion of our lives indoors. As jobs become more and more thought based, it can sometimes be hard to detach ourselves and feel connected to the world around us. Commuting by bus, biking or walking provides us with the opportunity to be mindful of the nature, structures, history and people around us.

On your next commute to work, take some time to reflect on how much goes on in the world around you.

Take time to prepare for your day

The roles we take on at home are very different from the ones we have at work. Sometimes the switch from family member to employee or employer can require a lot of effort and adjustment. By detaching yourself from your home life and taking time to organize or plan your workday, you can arrive at work ready to tackle any challenges come your way.

Use your commute time to refocus your priorities so that you can focus all of your efforts on the tasks at hand.


Studies have shown that daydreaming can have positive effects on our mental health. In our day to day lives, there is always something that requires our attention which can lead to feeling drained. However, when we take time to let our minds wander and daydream about our goals and wishes for the future, it can help us to realign, recharge and keep motivated to work towards those goals.

Find some time during your commute to dream big! Enjoy the freedom of thought and see where your mind takes you.


The best commute method is active commuting! By walking or biking you improve your physical health as well as mental health. These slower forms of transportation give you more time to be present and reflect while also improving your mental health through physical activity.

Commuting can be used as a mental journey just as much as it is a physical one. While it may require us to wake up a little earlier and get ready a little quicker, it provides us with the space and time necessary to unwind, prepare and relax before we take on our responsibilities. On your next commute, challenge yourself to use your time wisely and with intention. Choose to be mindful of your surroundings, mentally prepare yourself or just let your mind relax and roam free!

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