My Commute Options

Workplace Travel Options

Smart Commute will provide workplaces with travel resources and support to help organizations develop travel plans suitable to their commuting needs. Please visit the "For Employers" and "For Employees" for more information.

Getting to Work and Around Your Community

Smart Commute provides a fun and convenient programs to help you switch from driving alone to taking sustainable modes of transportation, such as carpooling, transit, cycling and walking, and telework. By using sustainable modes, you will be reducing congestion and parking pressures, while improving your health and well-being, and you will demonstrate your commitment to a cleaner environment.

Community Initiatives

The Smart Commute program is primarily focused on workplaces and their employees, however, this program also supports the community in finding healthy and sustainable modes of travel. Use the Smart Commute tool to explore your options and find a sustainable commute that works for you.

Plan My Trip

By registering with the tool you can start exploring your travel options from your location and mapping routes. Whether looking a carpool or trips by public transit or by bike, by walking – the choice is yours!