Program Benefits

Do you want improved commute support and incentives at your organization? There are many benefits to joining the Smart Commute program:

Increasing freedom and mobility

Smart Commute can help with carpool matches and trip planning. Smart Commute empowers you to try a sustainable commute by providing educational resources and incentives to help employee try taking transit, cycling or walking to work. You can choose an option that best suits your commute.

Healthier living

Commuting by sustainable transportation such as carpooling, taking transit and cycling are linked to a healthier lifestyle with a lower mortality rate, a happier outlook, and increased productivity. People who walk and cycle get more physical activity per day compared to people who drive to work. Transit users also get more physical activity per day than drivers as a result of walking to and from transit stations.

Decreasing road congestion and pollution

Encouraging people to shift from driving alone to taking transit, cycling, walking or carpooling helps reduce the number of cars on the road, which decreases congestion and improves air quality.

Reducing household expenses

People who take public transit, walk or cycle can save over $10,000 per year compared to people who drive alone by avoiding gas, maintenance, parking, and other expenses.

Increasing Productivity

Transit commutes can spend their time reading, working, studying, sleeping, or engaged in other activities that do not require their attention on watching the road. People who carpool can reduce their commute times and therefore boost their productivity by taking advantage of HOV lanes and designated carpool parking where available.

Increased job satisfaction

Studies show that employees who are satisfied with their commute are 10% more likely to remain with an employer. Adjusting work start and end times by even 15-30 minutes can help employees avoid travelling during the busiest times of the day, significantly reducing commute times and making the commute less stressful.