Program Benefits

Participation in the Smart Commute program supported and implemented by the municipalities and regions in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), the Greater City of Sudbury, and the City of London, offers many benefits to both the organization and its employees. Employers can partner with us to offer program and services to employees to help them explore sustainable travel options that are best suited for their commuting needs, such as carpooling, taking transit, walking and cycling as well as flexible work arrangements (telework).

Our goal is to ease gridlock while helping commuters save time and money, by promoting sustainable transportation options such as walking, cycling, transit, carpooling and flexible work arrangements.

Workplace members receive customized transportation resources and support to help you develop a comprehensive commuter program that meets the needs of your workplace. Contact your local Smart Commute office to explore your options (See About > Our Service Area)!

Benefits include:

Employee Recruitment and Retention

Improve employee wellness, productivity and job satisfaction by reducing the stress of commuting each day and helping them save time and money.

Increase Employee Productivity

Employees who travel to work by public transit or carpool are more likely to arrive on time and be less stressed than those who drive alone. Job satisfaction is a factor that also can increase.

Engaging Campaigns & Events

Take part in local and regional special events that can include turnkey sustainable travel campaigns, prizes, and on-site outreach support. Workplaces that make an effort to promote smart travel options can apply for a Smart Commute designation and apply for local and regional Smart Commute awards.

Reduced Parking Requirements

Less demand for employee parking will free up spots for customers and visitors, and in the long run, if the organization leases or maintains parking facilities, money can be saved by potentially reducing the number of spaces required.

Reduce Congestion

Improve traffic flow by helping to move people and goods rather than vehicles on the roads. By making better efficiency and increasing road safety, these have a positive impact on both businesses and communities.

Lower Facility Costs

Teleworking is a practical way to reduce the number of required workstations, which will be a significant money saver if the facility needs to expand or if more space is to be leased.

Champion Corporate Objectives

Providing staff with a variety of sustainable travel and work options is consistent with the environmental and corporate responsibility statements of most organizations and will further an employer as a champion of sustainable practices.