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The Smart Commute Northeast Toronto office works with organizations north of Eglinton, south of Steeles, east of Yonge and west of Victoria Park Avenue.

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Client Success Story: Improving the commuter experience at Seneca College

The Smart Commute program helped students and staff travel to and from campus, as well as between its eight campuses throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Comprehensive commute assessment

To better understand travel habits, evaluate use of existing infrastructure and programs, and identify key incentives for encouraging sustainable travel modes, Smart Commute administered a travel survey and site assessment. The travel survey and site assessment helped determine which programming would have the most impact.

Connecting and relocating campuses

Smart Commute developed a shuttle schedule and tracked usage to ensure rider satisfaction on the Seneca shuttles that connect its campuses.

Smart Commute also developed a transportation strategy to assist in the relocation and merging of Seneca’s Markham campus to their Newnham campus as part of their Seneca2020 vision. Personalized travel plans were provided to students and staff at the Markham campus ahead of the relocation for a smooth transition.

Mitigating parking demand

Smart Commute designed a priority carpool parking program for Seneca. The process included gauging interest in carpooling among students and staff, creating an application process, as well as collecting feedback on the program.

In person events were hosted at Seneca’s Newnham campus to help students and staff connect with potential carpool partners and learn more about carpooling best practices.

Smart Commute has also attended orientation events to help new students learn about sustainable ways to commute to campus and provide personalized commuter support.

Overall, the Smart Commute program at Seneca College has resulted in a 4% reduction of single occupant vehicle usage among students. Seventy-eight percent of travel survey respondents said their commute satisfaction directly affected their overall school satisfaction, demonstrating the importance of the Smart Commute program.