Getting Started

Taking transit allows you to save money and eliminates the stress of driving through congested peak hours. Below are some best practices on taking transit:

  1. Plan ahead: If you’re new to taking transit or going somewhere new, plan ahead to determine
    the best route and schedule. Check your local transit provider’s website or use the
    SmartTripsON or Triplinx apps. Triplinx offers an online trip planner that covers all the local
    transit systems across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) and is easy to use.
  2. Transit fares: Local transit typically charges a flat fee, whereas GO Transit fares are based
    on distance. The PRESTO card is a reloadable transit fare card and is accepted across the
    GTHA and Ottawa. Simply tap your card at the PRESTO machine when boarding a bus/train
    and the fare is deducted. Check your local transit provider for authorized vendors and further
  3. At the transit stop: Arrive at the station or stop early to ensure you are on time. Some bus
    shelters and stations have digital signage to indicate when the next vehicle is arriving.
    Downloading a mobile app from your local transit agency can help you find your route, stop
    and transit arrival in real time. Check your bus number and destination displayed on the front
    of the bus especially if you are unfamiliar with the route. Buses with the same route number
    operate in both directions.
  4. Getting on transit: When boarding the bus or train, there are different payments procedures
    when using PRESTO. For local buses, simply tap your card once at the PRESTO machine
    located next to the driver (or rear doors where available). Where payment is required before
    boarding, tap your card once on the PRESTO machine at the station or stop (GO Train/York
    Region Transit/Viva). When riding GO Transit, you will need to tap your card once when
    boarding and tap again when exiting the train or bus as your fare will be based on distance.
  5. Next stop: Listen or watch for your stop shown on the digital displays near the front of the bus
    showing the next stop(s). Signal your request to get off at the next stop well in advance by
    pressing the stop button on the handle bar or pulling the string along the passenger seat
    windows. On trains, LRT and streetcars, be aware of digital displays or announcements.
    Trains stop at all stations so there is no need to signal your stop request.

Trip Planning Tools

SmartTripsON Tool/App


Google Maps Transit

Transit Maps and Information

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