New SmartTripsON tool by Smart Commute FAQ

When will the new tool be ready?

We are working on getting the new tool up and running for when employees start to return to their regular commuting patterns. Workplace champions and those registered on the current Smart Commute tool will be notified when the new platform is available.

Will my workplace have its own network on the new platform?

Yes, your workplace will have a dedicated network. Employees will be able to find people to carpool with at both their workplace as well as outside their workplace.

If I was previously registered on the old Smart Commute Tool, will my account be transferred to the new tool or will I have to register again?

All users will be requested to register and provide their new details; this ensures the database is up to date and is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the new platform. If you are registered on the current Smart Commute tool, you will receive an email when the new tool is available.

Will workplace champions receive training?

Yes, as rollout of the platform progresses, information and webinars will be provided to ensure a smooth transition. Your local Smart Commute office is available to offer guidance that best suits your workplace needs.

Will there be tutorials available for new users once the new tool is available?

Yes, a number of resources including information, webinars and web videos can assist new users to become familiar with the new platform. Our testing has found the platform to be very intuitive.

Who do I talk to if I need technical support?

A help function is available within the new platform and technical assistance is available from the application developers. If you require further assistance, please contact your local Smart Commute office.

Does the SmartTripsON tool offer any additional features? What’s different about SmartTripON compared to the current Smart Commute Tool?

SmartTripsON is more than just a carpool matching forum – it is a true travel options portal where users can instantly find information on various options to get from A to B. Included in your search results will not only be carpool partner matches, but options for vanpools, bike, walking and transit buddy matching. In addition to being able to explore your travel options, you will also be able to log trips and receive rewards.

SmartTripsON also offers users the ability to find one-off single trip carpool matches or a regular carpool partner. SmartTripsON’s sophisticated matching will find passengers close to a driver’s origin, destination and drive route, according to schedule and personal preferences.

Passengers looking to join a carpool will see results based on proximity to origin, destination, travel route and personal preferences. Match results are shown in both tabular and in mapped form, based on two sorting algorithms: distance to you, and best matching your commute preferences. Users also have the ability to filter matches based on driving preference, male/female preference, distance from origin, route, or destination, or organization. Payment transfer for carpool trips is facilitated directly through the system using suggested government mileage rates.