Events and Campaigns

The Smart Commute program regularly offers campaigns and events to promote sustainable travel.

Winter Commute Month - February 2023!

During February, take advantage of your work commute by exploring walking, rolling, sharing a ride or taking transit! If you're working from home, telework reduces driving trips too! Be sure to log your sustainable travel and see how far you can go!

Warm up your commute in 2023 by taking up the Winter Commute contest in February! Share your work commute story in emojis on Twitter and/or log a sustainable commute trip (including telework) on the app for a chance to win a prize!

Making a commute? Here’s some ideas to get started:

• Keep the car at home and hop on public transit to work

• In nice weather, take a walk or quick bike ride to warm up quicker than you think!

• Try carpooling by finding a ridematch on the app

• Trip-chaining saves time by combining work commute trips with errands and activities

Working from home? Time to increase well-being and get active:

• Try transit and log a trip to a local business

• Call a friend or colleague to join a walk, bike or transit trip

• Join up and encourage your work colleagues to sign-up for a future carpool on the app!

To enter the Smart Commute Winter Commute Contest:

To get inspired, please see the examples below:

For more information, please contact your local Smart Commute office.

Contest rules: TorontoYork Durham

Bike to Work Day/Bike Month 

June is Bike Month and kicks-off with Bike to Work Day on May 30th, 2022, in encouraging everyone to get cycling, learn new skills or simply have fun and connect with new people! Celebrate by riding your bike for your commute to work, when taking a break, running errands in your neighbourhood, or riding your friends, family or others!

Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area regions, cities and local municipalities along with Smart Commute are hosting Bike Month and invite you to login and register with the Smart Commute tool!

For events, check your local Smart Commute office and Bike Month websites. 

Smart Commute Month

Participate in Smart Commute Month by using our online tool to explore your transportation options, match your trips with others and track the impact of your travel choices. Rethink the way you commute and explore alternative ways of travelling. Try the 4 Rs of travel planning: reduce, re-time, re-route and re-mode your trip.