Events and Campaigns

The Smart Commute program regularly offers campaigns and events to promote sustainable travel.

Winter Commute Week

Winter Commute Week is in February and encourages all sustainable modes of transportation including carpooling and taking transit during the winter months.

Bike to Work Day/Bike Month

Celebrate Bike Month by kicking-off with Bike to Work Day or Bike to School Week – or both! Bike Month is celebrated in June with events throughout the month and is an opportunity to try this healthy and sustainable commuting option.

Smart Commute Month

Participate in Smart Commute Month by using our online tool to explore your transportation options, match your trips with others and track the impact of your travel choices. Rethink the way you commute and explore alternative ways of travelling. Try the 4 Rs of travel planning: reduce, re-time, re-route and re-mode your trip.