Improve your triple bottom line with Smart Commute

Traffic congestion in the GTHA negatively affects your business, your employees’ quality of life and the environment. Let’s design a Smart Commute program that saves your business and your employees time, money and tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

More than 340 employers in the GTHA are already Smart Commute workplaces. In a 2009 survey of Smart Commute employers, 93% said they would recommend the services offered by Smart Commute to other companies and 88% rate Smart Commute programs as ‘Extremely important’, ‘Very important’ or ‘Important’ to their organization.

Smart Commute Markham, Richmond Hill’s network consists of 61 active workplaces throughout Markham and Richmond Hill. Our team works with an Ambassador at each workplace to create customized Transportation Demand Management programming for employees to explore and support various commute choices like carpooling, cycling, transit, telework, and flexible work arrangements.

If you have a business of at least 50 employees and are located in Markham or Richmond Hill, please contact or call 289-844-3026 to become a Smart Commute workplace!