Let's get moving this Walktober! 

To participate, simply take the quick pledge to walk or wheel MORE this month.

Walk, run, hike, bike, skateboard, rollerblade or scooter - sorry folks, the wheels on your car/truck/SUV/motorcycle don't count!

Think of all the places you can go...

Walk or wheel to work, or start a walking club at the office.

Walk with your kids to school. Too far to walk? Park a few blocks away, and walk together the rest of the way.

Try a walking meeting, or maybe bike to an appointment. 

Working from home? Schedule regular ‘wellness breaks’ each day and take a walk around your neighbourhood.

Cycle to the corner store, or to run errands.

The possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget October is a great month to explore the colours of Autumn in the York Regional Forest! Additional information regarding York Region's trails can be found in the York Region Trail Guide.


Accessibility: York Region maintains three trails accessible to wheelchairs and other assistive devices in the York Regional Forest. 

  • Hollidge Tract at 16389 Highway 48 (North of Aurora Road)
  • North Tract at 17054 Highway 48 (South of Davis Drive)
  • Hall Tract at 15681 McCowan Road (North of Aurora Road)

The Accessible Trails have been widened, cleared of obstructions and graded to ensure ease-of-movement for all visitors. Each trail ranges between one to two kilometre loops that pass through a variety of landscapes. Accessible parking is available.


Happy Walktober adventures!

Contest runs October 1 to 31, 2022