The new Smart Commute app is now available to download on your smartphone as in the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). is more than just a carpool matching forum – it is a true travel options portal where users can instantly find information on various options to get from A to B. Included in your search results are not only carpool partner matches but options for vanpools, bike, walking and transit buddy matching. In addition to being able to explore your travel options, can also log trips and receive rewards. offers users the ability to find one-off single trip carpool matches or a regular carpool partner. The app’s sophisticated matching feature will find passengers close to a driver’s origin, destination and drive route, according to schedule and personal preferences.

Passengers looking to join a carpool will see results based on proximity to the origin, destination, travel route and personal preferences. Match results are shown in both tabular and in mapped form, based on the distance to you, and best matching your commute preferences. Users also have the ability to filter matches based on driving preference, male/female preference, distance from origin, route, or destination, or organization.

Payment transfer for carpool trips is facilitated directly through the system using suggested government mileage rates.

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App Features

The new Smart Commute App is intended to help residents and employers learn about their travel options, connect with like-minded people, find walking, cycling and transit partners, and arrange carpools.

A variety of key features and functions of the app help support sustainable commuting and healthy community outcomes. These include:


Match with other users who are part of the same organization or have the same destination.

Trip Planner

Match with other users who are looking to walk to complete their logged trips by foot.

Trip Tracking

Log in and begin tracking your travel choices by distance, cost and emissions savings.

Trip Buddies

Match with other users who are looking for a partner to take transit or cycle together – ideal for first-timers!


Find one-time rideshare for a single trip to attend an event or to go to yout workplace on an irregular schedule.