Smart Commute Awards

The Smart Commute Awards take place every November as a way to recognize the outstanding efforts of the employer members for the successful implementation of their Smart Commute programs. Each Smart Commute organization nominates their top employers for their commitment, leadership, innovation and results achieved within the last year.

The 2013 Smart Commute Employer of the Year for Smart Commute Halton is Halton Region!

Halton Region logo Smart commute week award winners

From left: Hayley Peek (Program Coordinator, Smart Commute Halton), Tracy Lewis-Currie (2012 winner and Smart Commute Champion, Tim Hortons), Alicia Jakaitis (Transportation Coordinator/Smart Commute Halton lead, Halton Region), Darryl Young (Active Transportation & TDM Coordinator, Smart Commute Halton, Halton Region), Patrick Monaghan (Transportation Planner, Smart Commute Halton ,Halton Region) and Peter Paz (Program Manager, Smart Commute Halton).

As the longest serving Smart Commute Halton member, Halton Region has taken progressive steps towards providing sustainable commuting options for Regional staff that include:

  • A robust carpool parking program
  • The installation of secure bike parking
  • A successful corporate transit pass program
  • And their first ever Summer Challenge campaign that ran for 8 weeks with a goal to promote healthy competition by encouraging staff to commute to work sustainably.

They have a devoted team of staff, including strong support from Senior Management, which together have truly made the program a success.

The Region’s commitment to Smart Commute is unwavering. They have participated in innovative outreach events including Bringing Comfort Back, the City of Burlington’s 2nd Annual Bike to Work Day Breakfast and Clean Air Commute Ice Cream give away! Smart Commute is also a major component to achieving their 2031 targets set out in their Transportation Master Plan.

Congratulations Halton Region!