Carpool Week

February 3rd-9th

Each year during Carpool Week, commuters around the GTHA are encouraged to register with our program online, share the ride to work and see how much they can save.

This year, Halton commuters enjoyed fresh popcorn while speaking to the Smart Commute team!
Halton carpool week Newalta popcorn eventHalton carpool week Siemens popcorn event

Commuters at Siemens Canada (left) and Newalta (right) choosing their popcorn toppings!

Halton Region employees (below) enjoyed breakfast with the Smart Commute team!

Halton Carpool week breakfast event

Thank you to everyone who participated in Carpool Week 2014.
Remember to check your profile to see if you have any new matches!

Did you forget to participate in Carpool Week? Visit our Smart Commute tool now to start the search for your perfect carpool match !