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image of walkersAll truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Walking is the best way to get to work: it costs nothing, has zero GHG emissions and promotes physical health. If you walk to your destination you likely identify and appreciate a different set of landmarks along your route than drivers do. You probably appreciate the exercise too.

For some pedestrians, a good walking route is one that provides lots of well-maintained sidewalks, lights, benches along the route, direct routes and nice buildings and diverse services/stores. For other pedestrians, they might prefer a quiet, residential route with lots of shade. The walkability of a community or school campus or worksite is measured by those who walk it – you!

Find out how walkable your neighbourhood is at WalkScore or visit Jane’s Walk for ‘walkability’ toolkits and projects in your community.

For more on the benefits of walking, please visit Healthy Ontario.

Getting started

To help you visualize distances when you're considering routes in your region, we've listed some examples below.


Brisk Pace

Leisurely Pace


1 km

10 Minutes

15 Minutes

Walking from Union Station at Bay and Front to the Eaton Centre at Dundas and Yonge

2.5 km

25 Minutes

35 Minutes

Walking from the Richmond Hill GO Station to the Public Library at Yonge and Major Mackenzie

4 km

45 Minutes

1 Hour

Walking from the Bramalea Transit Centre to the Trinity Common Mall in Brampton


Sidewalks & crossings:

  • Pedestrians are entitled to use sidewalks, but cyclists must use the road.
  • Look all ways before crossing, even at one-way streets.
  • Cross only at intersections and obey your signals.
  • Make sure you're visible at night; wear light or reflective material.
  • If you use a personal stereo, make sure you can still hear emergency sirens and honking horns.


  • Pedestrians, cyclists and inline skaters must share the path.
  • Keep to the right of the yellow centre line, if one exists.
  • Make sure you're visible at night. Wear light or reflective material.
  • If you use a personal stereo, make sure you can still hear bicycle bells or voices of riders as they announce their approach.

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